You will be asked to fill out a comprehensive health history form and bring it with you to your first appointment. The intake takes approximately two hours, as the practitioner’s goal is to understand enough about you and your physical, mental, and emotional symptoms to select one remedy from over 2,000 potential remedies. After the intake, the practitioner will study and analyze the information you’ve provided and recommend a single remedy that addresses all your important symptoms.


Following the first dose of a remedy, a healing response is initiated in the person. A characteristic and reproducible pattern of healing occurs with a well-matched remedy that is readily understood by the homeopath during follow up visits. Many people feel a shift in their general state that they describe as increased energy and a general sense of well-being. They talk about feeling as if they had been stuck and now are experiencing movement and hopefulness.


The key to a good response from homeopathic treatment is an accurately chosen remedy, as one that does not resonate with the vital force does absolutely nothing. It’s also true that frequently people are sure their remedy had no impact, and in the follow up appointments they realize they have experienced important, sometimes profound effects. With a well chosen remedy, symptoms often just fall away and disappear from our consciousness. Some people have layers of pathology, each of which requires a different remedy. Others require only one remedy that is capable of removing all their symptoms over a period of time. In either case, homeopathic treatment and healing of chronic illness are processes that take time. (In contrast, acute illnesses, such as influenza or a child’s ear infection, may be cured with homeopathic treatment in a matter of hours to days.)


Persons who are or have been quite ill may experience a healing crisis in the first days or weeks of treatment. This is often experienced as a flu-like illness with or without a fever and is considered a good sign by the homeopath. A return of old symptoms may also occur, again usually in the first weeks or months of treatment. Here, persons experience a temporary return of symptoms of illnesses they have had in the past, as the remedy helps the body reverse their pathology and move it outward from the deepest reaches of the organism. An aggravation can also occur, usually after the first dose of a remedy. This is an intensification of current symptoms and is usually short-lived. Any or all of these symptoms may be experienced by a person undergoing homeopathic treatment and must be evaluated by the homeopath during follow up visits. Clients should also contact their practitioner with any questions or concerns between appointments.


It is important for prospective clients to realize that homeopathic treatment does not simply suppress symptoms and that it requires patience and close contact with their homeopath over time. Homeopathy is a wonderful healing system, but since it works by stimulating the body to heal itself, it is not for people seeking a quick fix. It is, however, an excellent alternative or complement for people willing to invest the time to advance their overall health and vitality through an effective, gentle healing system without toxic side effects.