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Spiritual Mentoring — Being on a Spiritual Path

Rev. Nancy  is a nondenominational minister, spiritual teacher/mentor. Her purpose is to help you create a deeper connection within yourself and that of God/Source/Spirit and to help you take the steps on your right path on your life’s journey.

  • Individual sessions: $50.00 per hour. .

  • Package of five sessions: $250.00

  • Package of Ten sessions: $750.00 ($75.00 each)  


Over the past 20 years Rev, Nancy has guided hundreds of clients. As a Psychic, Spiritual Counselor and Spiritual Mentor/Teacher, many clients come to her, and some of the most asked questions are…

  • What is my life’s purpose?

  • Why am I here, what are my soul’s lessons?

  • How do I make a deeper spiritual connection to myself and that of God/Source/Spirit?

  • How do I know what spiritual path is right for me?

  • I am on a religious path and yet why do I feel something is missing, I am still feeling an emptiness inside, a sense of being disconnected and feeling discontented, why is that?

  • I feel distracted and stressed with my outer life, how do I find the balance?

  • How do I connect to my intuition in order to make the right choices in my life?

  • I need support in being organized and disciplined to stay on track with things I want to accomplish, can you help?


In her consultation with her clients, whether it is for a single spiritual mentoring session or for a series of ongoing sessions, you will address together what your intention and goals are and create an overview of how she can best support you.

In a series of ongoing sessions, Rev. Nancy will design a program specifically for you and take you step by step as you grow along your spiritual path. This can be from three months to a six months, or longer, depending on your depth and interest of your spiritual growth and awakening.

The free initial 15 minute session will give us a chance to get to know each other. We will be able to see if we feel compatible and comfortable with the energy between us, and the work we want to do together.

Before your Spiritual Mentoring consultation, please contact the center by email. Include your contact information and when you would like to set up our initial consultation. We will do our best to schedule you according to your email.  Please give us a couple dates and times.  In your email to us take some time to tell us a little about yourself. This can include about your spiritual, personal life or family.  We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your spiritual path of awakening, and finding peace, contentment and joy.