Intuitive Counseling



S.O.U.L.  stands for Science of Understanding Life and is our method of intuitive counseling.  You can receive help from Rev. Nancy, a trained minister counselor, at low enough fees to make that help available to those who cannot afford other kinds of professional help or, who, for other reasons find the S.O.U.L. Clinic best services their needs.  It also helps those people who do not want to go to a minister who preaches a particular religious doctrine.


Our clinic works with problems of all kinds including religious, financial and sexual.  In addition, we can help with family probolems, job or role problems (including school, women and identity problems), domestic abuse, social problems, worries about the future, problems with alcohol and other drugs, emotional difficulties, problems of identity or self-concept.




We use a type of therapy called humanistic psychology which is chiefly distinguished by the concentration on the inherent tendancies toward growth and health behabvior in every individual, in relrease those tendencies rqather than concentrating on the destructive and the negative, and how to conquer or control them.


We do not claim to get rid of your problems for you.  What we do offer is to help you find the solutions to them yourself or how to live with them while fully experiencing life.


Everything a client tells us is strictly confidential and we will not discuss specific cases outside the office with anyone.


Our counselors get involved, care,respect and trust our clients.  We do not stay aloof and uninvolved.  We are available to you 24/7.


We deal with all aspects of a person, their intellect or understanding, their feelings and emotions, their physical body, their social relationships.  All these relate to and affect each other.


We believe that everyone can be a winner, regardless of what decisions they have made in the past, that the capabilities are within them and that the S.O.U.L. clinic can bring these capabilities out. 


Most intuitive and spiritual counseling sessions deal with symptoms and do not get to the root of the problem. Combining Rev. Nancy's counseling skills and energy release techniques with  intuitive abilities allows us to get to the core of a problem and remove it. This is done by working with the technique Creative Therapy; it works with reprogramming the subconscious and changing cellular memory patterns.This is believed to be one of the most effective counseling techniques available.

In the session we help you to become aware of the blocks that create the barriers from you being there, and give you your own personal techniques to help you get back to self, so you feel whole again, and from here you can live your life in a balanced, peaceful, and whole way.



Spiritual Guidance and Healing on:



Feeling stuck

Not living the life you want

Personal Empowerment

Spiritual Path Development


Creative Therapy


Creative Therapy, founded by Helene Rothschild, can be used to manifest your dreams and desires and clear away the blocks that prevent it from happening.


The essence of Creative Therapy is helping the client (you) to become aware of and overcome your fears in the subconscious so that you can be more loving in your conscious state in your actions and relationships, feel centered, peaceful, healthy, and create a successful life for yourself.


The process takes you into your higher consciousness to receive guidance and support and strengthen your self-esteem. Then you are guided into the subconscious to reprogram the decisions and beliefs you made back in your childhood, usually these were made before the age of ten, and yet we still carry these beliefs in our current day to day lives. What is happening on the conscious level are the symptoms of the fears (causes), which are found in the subconscious. They can manifest in anxieties, relationship or career problems, feelings of unworthiness or not fitting in, confusion, feeling stuck, low self esteem, no will power, lack of trust or feeling safe, depression, lack of energy, or not living up to your full potential.


The Creative Therapy process is completely safe and yet a very effective way of eliminating negative energies, blocks and self-defeating behaviors. This allows you to live the life you want, supported with all your energies to fulfill your dreams and aspirations.


The Creative Therapy Process

Get in touch with a belief.

Regress back to the original time the decision was made.

Release all unfinished business and blocked feelings.

Burn away old scene.

Create a new experience so that a new decision can be made.

Make a new positive decision or affirmation.

Visualize the present and future acting out the new decision.

Reinforce the affirmation, the new positive thought.