Psychic & Spiritual Development Course

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Triple Moon now offers a course that is guaranteed to change your life.  It focuses on spiritual and psychic development.

Being psychic doesn't mean trying to read people's minds or reading tarot.  (Though you can use what you learn in this course to do so, if you would lik.)  It's learning to put the past behind you and open up your life to following your intuition, thereby enriching your life, healing your wounds and becoming the happy, healthy person you are meant to be.

Being spiritual doesn't mean connecting to a specific form of religion.  It's a connection to your Higher Self and the Universe, opening up to the beauty and of life and fulfilling your deepest dreams and desires.

This 12 Session Course explores and opens you up to YOUR unlimited possibilities.  It heals wounds that you have carried through our life and awakens your soul.  It is not only a course but a journey of of self-realization, forgiveness and acceptance.  For that reason Rev. Nancy, who has been teaching this course for more than 15 years and helped so many people, works with you privately, on an individual basis.  This enables you to be fully open and honest and able to explore all your life experiences in a safe, nurturing way.  You will also connect with your angels or spirit guides and learn how to balance your chakras which enable you to feel and be your best self

There are handouts for each session and homework which is reviewed and discussed but is never handed back to Rev. Nancy so you can fee free to work through and write your deepest feelings.  You will need a journal and a three ring notebook.

The cost for this program is $20 per session due at each session or a one time payment of $200 (a savings of $40) at the beginning of the program.  (There are no refunds).  Payment may be made by cash, check or charge.

Due to the nature of this deeply emotional and life changing work, your sessions take place every other week, giving you time to  think, process, reflect on each session and complete the homework required.

Please give us a call at Triple Moon if you are interested in this program to reserve an appointment as the sessions available are limited,.